The Jewel - of Sea of Cortez

Due to it's rich flora and fauna, and it's importance as an eco-tourism destination, Espíritu Santo Island is a protected area and was declared part of a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 1995. This beautiful island is located in the sea of Cortez a few miles off the coast of La Paz, in the state of Baja California Sur, which is two hours north of Cabo. It is separated from Partida Island by a narrow canal. The island and the surrounding crystal-clear waters are home to sea lions, turtles, manta rays, dolphins, sharks, birds and even whales. The island has many different beaches where you can take walks, go for a swim or just enjoy the gorgeous scenery that only the Sea of Cortez can offer.

Our tours operate 365 days a year. We have different sized boats to fit all your needs. All boats are insured and have permits for operation. They are all equipped with life jackets and snorkeling equipment. There will always be a well trained guide on board to help you get the most out of your adventure. ​​​

The tour is located at the elite Cortez Club in La Paz. Here you will find the only PADI 5 star dive resort in La Paz for over 25 years now and the only operator in Baja proud of the Highest level in Ecotourism with the NOM133 Certification. This guarantees that all standards and procedures are of the highest level with trained captains, guides and dive masters recognized worldwide. If you're going to do this once, make sure you do it right. Optional Round Trip Transportation from Cabo San Lucas/San Jose is also available.

Snorkel With Sea Lions

"Los islotes" is home for more than 400 sea lions, enjoy the adventure of visiting wild animals in their natural habitat. To see Google reviews & photos for Los Islotes click here.

Lunch at the Beach

During lunch we stop at the beautiful Ensenada Grande Beach. This is a secluded beach with crystal clear water & white sandy shore. To see Google reviews & photos for this beach click here. We offer a fresh and varied lunch from the Sea Side Bar/Wine & Grill. Select your Dish at checkout.

Panoramic Tours

Espíritu Santo island has points of interest such as: "La Mascara", San Gabriel and other rock formations that make our boat ride entertaining and interesting.


  6 Hour Tour - Leaves Daily at 8:30am please arrive 30 minutes ahead of time.

  Shaded Boats

  Lunch & Soft Drinks - Select Lunch Style at Cart - Vegetarian or Vegan Lunch Available. Ask for it When You Book.

  Certified Bilingual Guide - Comes with Slight Accent

  Snorkeling Gear - All Sizes

  Parking - At our Facility

  Free Welcome Drink - When having lunch/dinner at Sea Side Restaurant - Margarita/Wine/Beer

  PADI 5 - Located at the only PADI 5 Star Dive Resort in La Paz for over 25 years

  Ecotourism - Only Operator in Baja Awarded with the Highest level in Ecotourism - The NOM133 Certification

  Punto Limpio - Maximum Quality Hygiene Certification from Secretary of Tourism

Price List

Adult $115 usd - Pay $20 deposit now. Pay $95 at time of Departure + 16% local tax.

Duration Six Hours - Leaves at 8:30am Everyday

Transportation from Los Cabos $300.00 - Pay $50 deposit now. Pay $250 at time of Departure + 16% local tax.

Round Trip Transportation from Cabo/San Jose - 14 Passenger Max

Private Transportation from Los Cabos $360.00 - Pay $60 deposit now. Pay $300 at time of Departure + 16% local tax.

Round Trip Transportation from Cabo/San Jose - 14 Passenger Max


Not included and is left to individual discretion.

Your Questions

You Might Need

  Swimming Suit

  Sun Block - Biodegradable Only

  Towel - You Might Get Wet

  Change of Clothes - For The Way Back

  Waterproof Camera - Pics For A Lifetime

  Sea Sickness Meds - Let Your Guide Know Please

  Beach Shoes

  Someone to Watch Your Dog - Sorry, No Pets Allowed


Fine Dining

Sea Side Bar Wine & Grill

After your trip enjoy some fine dining overlooking the most stunning view of the entire bay of La Paz. Open from 1pm to 11pm daily year round Sea Side offers something for everyone from those coming off a dive or fishing boat to those looking for a fine dining experience to families that just want to relax from their beach activities and enjoy the cool and gentle breeze that runs through the restaurant.


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Whale Shark Swimming
La Paz
2 Hour Tour

Whale Shark Swimming

Whale Sharks use La Paz bay as a nursery and feeding area. Have an adventure of a lifetime & come and swim with a real shark, the biggest fish in the world!

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