The BIGGEST - Fish of the Sea

Despite being the largest fish in the world, the whale shark is very friendly and peaceful. They can be up to 41 feet and weigh about 47,000 pounds. Their skin is very thick and due to its many birthmarks is beautiful. The whale shark is found in open waters of the tropical oceans. They feed almost exclusively on plankton and therefore, are completely harmless to humans. ​​Come and enjoy the adventures of swimming with the biggest fish in the world, a gentle ocean's giant.

Choose between two Whale Shark Swimming options for your comfort level. Our regular tour is below. To see details for our Premium All Inclusive 4 1/2 hour tour on a Sailing Catamaran that includes savory organic meals, a marine biologist as snorkel leader, an open bar, private bathrooms, fresh water showers, and more Click Here.

The tour will last for approximately 2 hours, depending on how long it takes to locate the whale sharks. Sometimes the tour may take longer depending on the location of the whale sharks & the amount of boats in the water. During the ride to the sighting area, your guide will provide detailed information for you to fully enjoy the experience. We have different sized boats to fit all your needs. All boats are insured and have permits for operation. They are all equipped with life jackets and snorkeling equipment. There will always be a well trained guide on board to help you get the most out of your adventure.


  2 Hour Tour - Leaves Daily at 9:00am|1:00pm

  Round Trip Transportation - From La Paz Resorts/Hotels

  Shaded Boats

  Certified Bilingual Guide - Comes with Slight Accent

  Snorkeling Gear - All Sizes

  Wetsuits - All Sizes

  Water & Soft Drinks

Price List

Adult $95 usd - Pay $20 deposit now. Pay $75 at time of Departure.

Duration Two Hours - Leaves at 9:00am| 1:00pm Everyday

Child - 4 to 10 $70 usd - Pay $10 deposit now. Pay $60 at time of Departure.
Child - 3 and Under Free

Not included and is left to individual discretion.

Your Questions

You Might Need

  Swimming Suit

  Sun Block - Biodegradable Only

  Towel - You Might Get Wet

  Change of Clothes - For The Way Back

  Waterproof Camera - Pics For A Lifetime

  Sea Sickness Meds - Let Your Guide Know Please

  Someone to Watch Your Dog - Sorry, No Pets Allowed



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